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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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82                       THE FATE OF MAN

Technics have produced a new reality, some-
thing quite other than the reality of the natural,
non-organic world. Beside the phenomena of
organic and non-organic bodies there has ap-
peared the organized body, formed not from
the natural world, but from the world of his-
tory, from civilization. Modern technics indi-
cate the end of the telluric period in the life of
man. Man has ceased to be dependent on the
earth, to feed himself from it. Technics mean
a transition from organic, animal-and-vegetable
life to organized life. The appearance of huge
masses and collectives is one result of this con-
dition. Man has ceased to live dose to the
earth, surrounded by animals and plants : he
lives in a new metallic reality, breathes a new
and poisoned air. The machine has a crushing
effect on the human soul, it damages emotional
life first of all, thus shattering the integrity of
human personality. Even if a hard and virile
nature can resist and overcome the power of
the machine, the soul itself agonizes helplessly
beneath its wheels.

Modern collectives are not organic but mech-
anical. The modern man can be organized
only technically and the power of technics is
in keeping with our democratic era. Technics
rationalize human life, but this rationalization
has irrational results, such as unemployment